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Safely Reconnecting Art Project with Exit Up!

The Safely Reconnecting Art Project was intended to reconnect youth at risk of homelessness or currently experiencing homelessness, while adhering to public health recommendations, in the midst of Covid-19. This art project acted as an outlet for creative expression and as a way to connect with peers.

On August 11th, 2020, participants met at The Forks to create the art installation by adhering single-use plastics to a pre-built frame structure. These plastics that usually pollute the environment were fashioned into a beautiful landscape design. The finished piece was displayed in The Forks Market until the end of September.

The initiative was thoughtfully designed by members of the President’s Student Leadership Program at the University of Manitoba: Shanelle Gingras, Keziah Brothers, Howard Monson, and Stephany Thach. The project received assistance from local Indigenous artist, Zac Poitras, and the Siloam Mission Art Program. Participants included youth from Siloam’s Exit Up!, the Eagle’s Nest, and others currently in foster care or experiencing homelessness.